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"Some constructive critique though, I really don't see the point of jacking of on your girlfriend at the end of a pornclip. It seems somehow counterintuitive. You have the best titfuck tits, an amazing ass, gorgeos mouth and soft hands at your disposal and you decide to jerk off on her, like you do to porn. Personally I'd love to see you/him cum between her/your tits (I don't know which one of you reads these comments). Anyways, keep up the great work and Merc,stfu, log the fuck off. ur opinion isnt worth shit,In my opinion, don't listen to Dmitri...there's nothing hotter than watching a guy jack off onto your tongue and then you swallowing a big load. Keep up the great work! YOUR VIDEOS ROCK!,It's true. I like titfucking too, but only as foreplay. The mouth/tongue is a girl's most sensual body part. And when receiving a BJ, you'd think it feels better to cum inside her mouth, but the penis gets too sensitive, so it's actually not preferable IMO. I like the girl to blow me for 5-10 minutes and do 99% of the work, but at climax I like to withdraw and jack off, with the tip pressed tightly against her tongue. And the added bonus of the visual element makes it that much hotter.,I think it is amazing how our brains respond differently to the same sensations. While I really dont like touching myself during sex and masturbate on to her (even with contact of her tongue) I feel absolute extasy while sticking my penis as deep as possible into her cleavage. The closer to her ribcage the better. This way I have most skin contact and the bigger the breasts, the better the softness, consistency, friction and of course visuals. Orgasm almost immediately after a few thrusts.,Yeah it's true, everybody has different tastes. I do like titjobs, but I think it's much more intimate and sensual to finish in a girl's mouth than between her tits. I like to feed her and watch her enjoy it and swallow it. Of course, I do prefer to actually be touching her tongue while jerking off (like, for example, the Amateur Allure videos)... so I wish this guy wouldn't be so far away when he finishes.,I guess taste's really different from individual to individual. Some guy down in the comments says that ""tits, tits, tits"" are ""boring, boring, boring"". Don't get me wrong. I understand that there are people who are into jerking off on her, but to me it seems kinda pointless. Of course you can turn this around. I have a titfuck fetish and titjobs might seem absolutely pointless to you...,WoW amazing boobs!!,Love watching you swallow that cum baby,Massive tits in 4K,Get nipple piercing,Please don't!! No piercings (I have not discovered the one mentioned in your profile), no tattoos, I love u fully natural as you are.,No. Please don't.,try a 69 position with CIM,nice""

The answer is: Heck yes. Standing Sex Positions 7. If we are gonna talk about anal sex lets at least be open minded about it. As far as lube, I know nothing about it. According to Dr. More of your questions answered by our Experts.

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